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Spring Is Here by Marissa Oceguera
Photo: Spring is Here by Marissa Oceguera

The Last Green Valley is two things - it's the 35-town National Heritage Corridor in eastern Connecticut and south-central Massachusetts, and it’s also your member-supported, non-profit stewardship organization working locally to celebrate our heritage, conserve our natural resources, and respect our working lands.

The lyrics in this song, Lois and Nathan Peters, are based directly on the letters between Lois Peters and her husband, Nathan, who was serving in General Putnam’s rag-tag revolutionary army as the time of the Battle of Bunker (Breed’s) Hill. The letters are included in the Connecticut Humanities council’s book. “Connecticut Speaks for Itself: Firsthand Accounts of Life in the Nutmeg State from colonial Times to the Present Day."

© 1998 Sally Rogers, Thrushwood Press Publishing, BMI, Hill Tunes-Mill Tunes

Connecticut's 1997 State Troubadour, Sally Rogers, developed an innovative project to enhance the teaching curriculum by integrating arts with the humanities in the classroom. The 24 songs on this CD engage, enlighten and entertain people of all ages while communicating some of the great stories of The Last Green Valley. Rogers used oral histories, historic documents, and writings as sources for the lyrics of 15 of 24 songs. Through an artist-in-residence program, she enthused fourth grade classes from 3 area schools, who learned history through an artistic process that produced an additional 9 songs for the CD recording.

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