The Last Green Valley

The Last Green Valley

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Where To Pedal

In the Last Green Valley there are many opportunities to combine a love of cycling with some sight-seeing. Enjoy lovely views of pastures, cornfields, historic villages, rivers and streams, and undulating blue hills.

Click on the links below to view segments of The Last Green Valley Self-Guided Bike Tour

Spoke A - Connections between Loop 1 (Canterbury/Scotland) and Loop 2 (Sterling)
Spoke B - Connections between Loop 2 (Sterling) and Loop 3 (Killingly) ot Loop 4(Putnam Heights)
Spoke C - Connections between Loop 5 (Thompson) and Loop 6 (Pomfret/Woodstock)
Spoke D - Connections between Loop 4 (Putnam Heights) and Loop 5 (Thompson)
Spoke E - Cpnnections between Loop 6 (Pomfret/Woodstock) and Loop 7 (Eastford/Ashford)
Spoke F - Connections netween Loop 7 (Eastford/Ashford) and Loop 8 (Mansfield)
Spoke G - Connections between Loop 8 (Mansfield) and Spoke H (Coventry)
Spoke H - Connections between Loop 9 (Coventry) and Loop 10 (Lebanon/Columbia) or Loop 8 (Mansfield)
Spoke J - Connections between Loop 10 (Lebanon/Columbis) and Loop 1 (Canterbury/Scotland) or Loop 8 (Mansfield)

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